Managed Services

For your business, networking may not be limited to only your local area network, but also includes connections to satellite locations, remote communications and Internet access.  And likely, you rely heavily on it working and performing as intended.  When it doesn't, things can come to a grinding halt and create many headaches.
A critical element of using IT strategically is to make sure it's running smoothly.   With a standard break/fix approach, you wait for something to break, then call a service provider to fix it. That equation could easily result in hours of downtime.
A more proactive approach can help you to keep your IT systems running as intended in the first place.   By monitoring your network, we can pre-emptively address trouble spots to help you avoid unexpected downtime and ensure that you stay up-to-date with patches and upgrades.
Managed Services from Blue Oak Technology Solutions will provide you with more reliable performance and more predictable expenses.  You get more value from the technology you've invested in, while reducing the total costs of IT problems and resulting downtime.   Not to mention what you'll save in Tylenol from eliminating all those headaches!

With Blue Oak Technology Solutions monitoring your computer network, you spend more time monitoring your business.

There's no reason to wait for something to break to call an IT service provider.  Contact us today -- before something breaks!    Wouldn't it be nice to eliminate much of the guesswork surrounding your IT systems?


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