Data Backup Solution

Data loss disasters aren't only caused by tornados, fires and floods.  It can also be failed equipment.  Or theft.  Or power surges.  Sometimes it's simple human error.

And while the chances of your business experiencing a data loss may seem remote, the chances that it will have a significant negative impact on your business are assured.  Here is where an ounce of prevention is truly worth a whole pound of cure!
Your business data is unique to you, and can't be easily or readily replaced.  Take a moment to think about just how much is stored on your computers -- financial records, databases, vendor contacts, original writings, photos, contracts, forms, logos, e-mail correspondence -- literally the entire history of your company!

93% of business that experience a significant data loss go out of business within five years. -- US Bureau of Labor

Blue Oak Technology Solutions offers an automated offsite data backup solution to take the worry of protecting your data off your mind and off site at the same time. Our secure data vaults are housed in a premier collocation facility that maintains 99.999% power and internet bandwidth availability.
We all tend to think that bad things simply won’t happen to us – they are reserved somehow for other people. Unfortunately, natural and man-made disasters can happen anywhere at any time.  Utilizing our offsite data backup solution means no daily employee involvement, no expensive equipment to purchase that requires periodic replacement, while achieving affordable secure data storage at a location other than your primary place of business.

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