Internet Filtering

Simply put, although the Internet is an indispensable tool for most businesses today, it can also pose a tremendous drain on productivity and certainly contains unacceptable content that can create potential liabilities. For example, sites visited by an employee that are deemed offensive by an another employee can be viewed as a hostile work environment that leads to a discriminatory claim or lawsuit.
Today, as the use of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others has proliferated, the need to monitor and regulate access to them has become critical.
It's likely that your organization has a Technology Policy that outlines Internet usage in the workplace, but it can be terribly difficult to monitor and enforce. Even if every employee followed your policy to the letter, the sophistication of phishing attacks and proliferation of poison links continue to put your network at risk.
Content filtering and application blocking allow you to easily enforce your company policies and add a layer of security to your network.

Effectively guide employee Internet use, so that Internet access is a tool, rather than a liability, for your business.

Block all pre-defined categories or any combination of categories, and apply these policies on a granular level.

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