Our Story

No, Blue Oak Technology Solutions wasn't started by an out-of-work computer tech who went out and picked up a client or two in order to keep busy until a permanent full-time position could be found.
Blue Oak Technology Solutions was started as many other businesses are formed -- with the preparation of a business plan.  That plan describes our understanding of the need for professional level IT service and consultation for businesses, and evidently we've done a fair job so far as we continue to work with clients that started with us back in 2004.
Any company that utilizes computers and other technologies needs a skilled tech to tackle not only the installation and integration of equipment but also the day-to-day troublespots and maintenance because, although we'd like them to be, computer systems are just not plug'n'play! 

 It is our intention with every client to: 

·         Provide value to your business
·         Take on your goals as our goals
·         Become a part of your business, truly a member of your team
·         Understand your needs and craft systems to meet them
·         Enable new ventures, processes and efficiencies

 We thrive on the partnerships we build through working with our clients, and we look forward to having you as one of them.

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