Thin Clients

The unsecure, unreliable, energy-intensive and expensive PC model for computing is being replaced -- cloud client computing offers lower TCO and a superior user experience.  It gives everybody in the organization secure access to the information and the applications they need, without requiring the desktop systems to store them.
Thin Computing replaces the PC with a thin client or zero client by moving their complexity to the cloud, or a datacenter, using desktop virtualization.  Analysts agree that this approach improves the reliability and security of information and reduces energy consumption.  Yet thin computing still provides the access to applications and data that people need.
The increased availability of high-bandwidth network connections allow thin computing solutions to run at desktop speeds and display rich multimedia like never before - streaming music, 3D graphics, CAD, video animation and more - all in a quiet, fan-less environment.  This makes it easier and more acceptable for business professionals to use thin clients in mission-critical applications.

Thin Computing delivers the productivity people need, at a lower cost than traditional methods, all without compromising security or manageability.

Most thin clients have a small OS in them that provides flexible functionality to securely connect to multiple servers and display applications for workers. The small amount of software in these devices is why they’re called “thin” clients.
Zero clients are designed specifically for a single environment and provide substantial benefits in speed, management and security, energy and user experience. They provide optimized performance for the most challenging tasks, contain no local operating system, so they provide instant-on, little to no endpoint administration, and no vulnerability to viruses or malware. Zero clients use very little energy, and deliver a zero compromise user experience.

Get a combination of security, high performance, & flexibility -- a complete desktop experience -- without the desktop.


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