Equipment Leasing

Why Consider Leasing Your Computer Equipment?

• A lease enables you to acquire the use of needed equipment on a monthly basis up to 36 months
• No need to invest your capital dollars in equipment that will depreciate in value over time
• Improve cash flow forecasting with level monthly payments for the life of the lease
• Leasing offers 100% financing, including software and installation
• Protection from equipment becoming obsolete — trade-in and upgrade capabilities allow you to keep pace with changing technology
• You may find significant tax advantages to leasing as the lease payment is often a fully deductible business expense
• A business can lease equipment more easily and conveniently than with traditional bank financing
• No pre-payment penalties

How Does It Work?

• Complete a short, “hassle-free” application— faxed signatures accepted
• Receive a credit decision, generally within a couple of hours
• No hidden fees
• Generous10-day grace period on payments
• No automatic renewal
• No forced insurance
• Lease documents are faxed or e-mailed to you
• Pay two month’s payments as a security deposit, fully refundable at term end
• Pay a documentation fee of $95.00
• End of lease options:

Fair Market Value Option—
1. Trade in the equipment and upgrade with a new lease, or
2. Turn the equipment in, or
3. Pay the fair market value of the equipment to purchase,
capped at 10% of the original cost

$1.00 Buy-Out Option —
1. Purchase the equipment for $1.00


Apply for Lease

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